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Our Story

Clovis West Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken offers spring recreational youth baseball for ages 5-15 for the Fresno/Clovis area. The Cal Ripken program covers ages 5-12 and runs from February through May. The Babe Ruth program covers ages 13-15 and runs from April through early June. Our youngest players (ages 5-6) start off in the coach pitch Instructional Division. The next step up is our Rookies Division for ages 7-8 which combines player and coach pitch. Our Minors Division is for ages 9-10 and goes to normal baseball rules, with just a few adjustments for the age level. For our Majors Division (ages 11-12) players move to a larger diamond (50' mound, 70' bases) and now play all regular baseball rules. Teams practice at CWHS area elementary schools and all games take place at Liberty Elementary. For our Babe Ruth Division practices take place at Kastner Intermediate School and that is also where we host our home games. Away games take place at other Fresno and Clovis Area Intermediate or High Schools

The mission of CW Babe Ruth/Ripken Baseball is to grow the game of baseball !!!



Is My Player Ready for Clovis West Cal Ripken?

The following is to help parents figure out if their player is ready for the Clovis West Cal Ripken Rookies program.  To help you let’s look at the beginning levels of baseball.

Instructional League, ages 5 to 6:  Clovis West Cal Ripken has added a new division for Instuctional Division for 5-6 year olds who have little experiance or have never played baseball.  Our instructional league is geared at the younger player who wants to learn the great game of baseball.  In this division players hit off coach pitching and the focus is on building fundamentals. 

CLOVIS WEST CAL RIPKEN ROOKIES / Coach and Player Pitch, ages 7 to 8:  The next step up we originally set up for 7 and 8 year olds.  Although no prior playing experience is required, we recommend they have some prior playing experience, either T-Ball, Instructional League or both. The first thing to consider is how well your son can play catch. 

There are no walks (base on balls).  If a batter receives four called balls, the coach comes out to pitch to the player to finish the at bat.  During player pitch base runners can steal, with the exception of stealing home.  Once practices begin, about mid-February, teams usually practice two times per week.  Once the season begins, players have a weeknight game on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and a Saturday game.  In addition to games, teams typically practice one additional weeknight.